What is a “First Impression” of the job interview in Japan?

What is a “First Impression”? A first impression is the feeling someone has when they come in contact with another person for the first time. First impressions are used to initially evaluate an applicant during an interview test. It is said that it is imperative to make a good first impression in order to have a better interview. First impressions are not determined by you but rather by other people. Look at the points below and check what other people think. Improve any points where you are lacking.

What is a “First Impression” of the job interview in Japan?_image01

Expression Your expression is the strongest facet of the visual impression that you give. A natural smile is an expression that gives a good first impression. In order to smile naturally, it is crucial to be relaxed. So prepare properly in advance and go in with confidence. In addition, the way you look at others is also important. Your expression changes depending on the way you look at other people and things. Be sure to maintain eye contact with the person you are speaking with.

Personal appearance Cleanliness is an important part of one’s personal appearance. Cleanliness is most important and involves wearing clothes and arranging your hair and makeup so that you do not make the other party feel uncomfortable. Things that affect your level of cleanliness include whether or not your clothes or shoes are dirty or wrinkled (in the case of clothes), whether or not you have any sleep-mussed hair, whether or not your makeup is too heavy, and whether or not your nails are trimmed.

Posture Stretching the back muscles naturally makes a person look confident. This posture makes the best first impression. Since you will be sitting a lot during interviews, be careful to also maintain good posture while in a seated position. It is important to make each movement full. Make movements full by properly stopping your movement. *How to bow gracefully Do not just bow your head down. Avoid bowing by only moving your head downward. A bow is performed by bending at the waist. Hand position differs according to gender. Women place both hands together in front of their body whereas men drop their hands down to their sides when bowing. It is more graceful to keep the fingers straight when bowing.

Manner of speaking What you should pay most attention to while speaking is the volume of your voice. Speaking in a small voice will give interviewers the impression that you do not have any confidence. When speaking, speak slowly with a big voice and, most importantly, speak with clear pronunciation. Many international students become nervous and end up speaking too quickly. Make sure to speak as slowly as possible.


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