Self-analysis tools for new graduates that can be tested in multiple languages

Self-analysis in job hunting in Japan Self-analysis in job hunting of new graduates is finding "strengths" in hiring by grasping and analyzing their characteristics, strengths, disadvantages and values. By having an objective viewpoint based on the analysis results, you can speak concrete and originality that is not an abstract expression, such as self-PR of an interview or motivation to pursue. In self-PR such as job interview, abstract expressions such as "Bright and well-motivated place is a deed" and "We will act positively in everything" are conspicuous.

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However, since the interviewer sees several students, it is hard to remain in impression in abstract expression, and there is no image of what kind of activity it will take after joining the company.

By careful self-analysis, by finding "strengths" of yourself, "What kind of experience gave you the ability to actively tackle?" Also, more concrete details such as "how experience and power can be made use of in companies" You can communicate episodes and you can give a good impression on the interview. Let's begin by understanding the purpose and merit of self-analysis.

Self-analysis goal

  • Find future goals and career plans

  • Clarify your own values

  • Find features such as strengths and weaknesses

  • Specify self-PR/ self-motivation

The purpose of self-analysis concerns the future, such as the ability and qualities that companies can use in their jobs, the kind of work the students themselves wish to do, and what kind of career they want to build in the future. It extends to various parts. Because the hiring of new graduates will be a major turning point in future life, it is important to do a sufficient self-analysis.

Recommended self-analysis tools There are various methods for self-analysis. Among them, we will introduce "an efficient self-analysis tool".

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