Examining Industries and Companies in Japan < Volume 1>

Which industry has the job that I want? “Industry” refers to a broad classification such as manufacturing, commerce, distribution and retail. The first step in identifying potential employers is to choose the industry and company you want to work in. Do your research on different industries. Find out what sort of jobs are available in each industry. This will help you to identify where you will find the types of jobs that you should apply for.

Why examine industries and companies?

  1. To identify the industries and companies that you would like to work in.

  2. To help you to understand what motivates you to apply for the job. You can use this information in the job application and initial interview.

  3. To help you clarify your long-term career goals and your personal and professional aspirations.

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Methods of examining industries and companies The first step in your research is to study the broad general economic and social trends in Japan. Next, study each industry in detail, using the following five-step process.

  1. Analyze economic and social trends: Read newspapers and magazines, and listen to the news.

  2. Find out what industries there are: Consult the internet and relevant publications.

  3. Identify all of the industries that interest you and/or that suit your skills: Look for industries that appear to be consistent with your long-term career goals.

  4. Also explore industries that are connected with those industries you identified in Step 3: This will give you a broader appreciation of your preferred industry.

  5. Now make a shortlist of industries in which you are most interested. Use this shortlist to conduct more in-depth research into the industries and specific companies where possible: Find out which companies are operating in your shortlisted industries.

Where to get information for your research Own research

  • Websites: recruitment agencies, companies (i.e. employers), chambers of commerce, JETRO, etc.

  • Publications: industry maps and industry guides from different companies

Employment agencies

  • University employment agency (typically a Career Center or dedicated section of the university administration)

  • Hello Work (government employment service) Hello Work for New Graduates

  • Employment Service for Foreigners (Tokyo, Nagoya and Osaka only)

Visiting Alumni

  • Alumni associated with your university

Information from briefing sessions

  • Joint briefing sessions and individual company presentations held outside the university

  • Joint briefing sessions and individual company presentations held at the university

Industry classifications “Industry” refers to the classification of business operations. Industries are classified as either manufacturing (the process of transforming input materials into products that provide specific functionality) or non-manufacturing (anything that is not manufacturing). Non-manufacturing industries are further classified into “moving goods/money,” “selling goods,” “providing services” and “providing information.” This simple classification system makes it easier for you to identify your preferred industry.

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Finding the right company Once you have identified an industry in which you would like to find work, the next step is to identify potential employers within that industry. When researching potential employers, you should concentrate on two key areas: company management, such as the company philosophy, recent performance and areas of superiority; and the workplace environment, in other words, can you imagine yourself working there? Company management can be divided into three parts: the company philosophy and management style; business strategy and performance; and resources. Workplace environment can be divided into three parts: the human resources and organization; the job itself; and evaluations and rewards.

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