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J TRUST Global Card: 99% Approval Rate for Foreigner Residents in Japan

March 27, 2020

[Table of Contents]
The Credit Card Situation for Foreigners in Japan
Merits of Using Credit Cards in Japan
How Credit Cards Work
Cautions and Tips For Using Credit Cards in Japan
About the Foreigner-Friendly J TRUST Global Card
Advantages of the J TRUST Global Card
How to Apply for the J TRUST Global Card

The Credit Card Situation for Foreigners in Japan
Japanese credit cards come with a variety of discounts and special services attached. When visiting Japan, most foreigners often use a credit card issued from their home country. However, if you are living in Japan and use a non-Japanese card, you may have to pay high fees, or you may not be able to use them at certain stores. For this reason, is very important for foreigners who are staying medium to long term to get a Japanese credit card.


In Japan, it is often said that foreigners fail the screening process when applying for credit cards. Normally, in order to create a credit card, you will be screened in the following way:


- Identity verification: You are required to present a residence card, special permanent resident certificate, health insurance card, driver's license, passport, or other documents that can verify who you are. You will also need a bank account in your name, a personal seal, and a mobile phone.


- Stable income: The bank will examine whether you can repay the amount of money used for the credit card without any problem. Annual income, employment status (permanent or temporary), and length of service are also important points for screening.


- Bank Account: You must have a Japanese bank account to repay the money you spend on your credit card. If you don't have a bank account, you will fail the screening.


- Stable residence: In addition to where you are located in Japan, how many years you have resided in Japan and the type of residence (rental or company housing) are also evaluated. People who have lived in the country for less than a year or have moved frequently may have a more difficult time.


- Credit card application history: Your credit card screening information remains for six months. You will fail again if you apply for a card that you were rejected for before this period ends. However, keep in mind that each credit card company has different screening criteria, so just because you fail one card doesn't mean you can't be approved for another one.


In addition, foreigners in Japan may face these challenges getting credit cards:
- If your Japanese bank account is newer than six months to one year, you will be rejected during the credit card screening.


- It is nearly impossible to shop online without a credit card.


- There are many services that cannot be used in Japan with credit cards issued overseas.


- High service fees are charged for domestic use of credit cards issued overseas.


- Sometimes, a credit card is required for a mobile phone contract. Without it, the phone company may not accept the applicant.


- There is no support in the applicant’s native language when trying to get credit cards in Japan.


Merits of Using Credit Cards in Japan

Credit cards are very convenient because they allow you to make payments at stores and online without having the cash-on-hand. Not having cash on you can also be an anti-theft measure, especially while traveling. Another perk is services such as point redemptions for shopping. Therefore, instead of cash, some people will use credit cards for most expenses.

We use credit cards for everything from everyday shopping to major purchases, to paying utility bills automatically. Here are some more benefits of credit cards:


- Online shopping in Japan is simple and quick.


- Credit card points will be accumulated, leading to savings and perks later on.


- Accumulation of trust (credit score) so you can make bigger purchases later or participate in business transactions and deals.


- Credit cards help you learn how to manage household finances.


- Ancillary insurance (supplement to health insurance) is provided.

How Credit Cards Work in Japan
When you use a credit card, you don't have to pay cash to the store to buy a product.
How is it possible to do this? In order to understand how credit cards work, it is important to know how it benefits credit card users, credit card companies, and stores (merchants). Let’s take a look at how it works.

Benefits for Credit Card Users
A credit card user has a contractual relationship with a credit card company. When a credit card is issued, the holder is examined and becomes a member. If you use a credit card at a store (merchant), you will pay the credit card company that amount at a later date.
The major advantage of credit cards is that you can make payments without cash, but you can also get credit card points, discounts, and special benefits. This helps alleviate issues with time differences between paychecks from work or projects, allowing you more spending freedom. 

Merits for the Store
Shops and businesses that allow credit card payments have merchant agreements with the credit card companies. When a transaction is made, the user's purchase price is charged to the credit card company, which the credit at a later date, minus the prescribed fee.
One of the advantages of credit cards is that cardholders can avoid not buying an item they want because they don’t have the proper amount of cash. This reduces the burden of processing sales daily, but it also reduces the amount of damage in the event of a theft by eliminating the need to store large amounts of cash in the cash register.

Benefits of credit card companies
Credit card companies issue credit cards and are in charge of the users (members) and stores (merchants).
The credit card company will pay for the credit card payment to the store on behalf of the user. The user is then charged a fee on the designated day and debited from their bank account.
Credit card companies make a profit by collecting an annual fee from users and receiving fees from stores.

Cautions and Tips For Using Credit Cards in Japan
There are a few things to keep in mind in order to use your credit card safely and securely. Let's take a look at the points to keep in mind if you are a credit card user.

Meet Your Payment Deadlines
Be very careful not to run out of money in your account so that you can pay off your credit card charges. If you are late in making a payment, you may be restricted from using your credit card. You also run the risk of damaging your credit card history and making it harder to get a new one. Double-check your credit card's monthly payment due date and put the money in your account by that date.

Check the Maximum Available Amount You Can Spend
Credit cards have a maximum amount of money that can be charged within a certain period of time. It is advisable to check in advance since the amount of credit available will vary depending on the type of credit card and your financial status.
You can also resume using your credit card by increasing your limit even before your payment date. There is a prescribed screening process, but if you want to increase your credit limit, you can usually consult with your credit card company.

Be Safe and Secure with a High-Security Credit Card
It is important to choose a credit card with high security to reduce the risk of card theft and loss, as well as the risk of personal information leakage and unauthorized use. Look up reviews of different cards and consult with others to learn which cards would best suit your spending style and needs.

About the Foreigner-Friendly J TRUST Global Card
J TRUST Global Card is a new credit card exclusively for foreign residents in Japan, that also allows you to apply by putting down a deposit without necessarily having to use a bank account. With J TRUST Global Card, the monthly credit card usage limit is determined according to the amount of the deposit. Also, you can increase or decrease your deposit after you apply. If you find that you use the credit card more often than you anticipated, we recommend you increase the amount of your deposit.

Advantages of the J TRUST Global Card

99% pass rate for foreign residents in Japan: When you apply for J TRUST Global Card, regardless of your period of stay, you need only your residence card, and one of the following: certificate of residence, health insurance card, and personal number card (My Number Card)––for a total of two documents.

J TRUST Global Card supports customers in nine languages: Japanese, English, Chinese, Tagalog, Portuguese, Vietnamese, Korean, Spanish, and Indonesian when you apply online. In addition, there is a nine-language call center to help card-holders in case of problems.

No bank account or phone number required: J TRUST Global Card does not require you to register a bank account or phone number. Even if you are new to Japan and don't have a bank account or phone number, you can apply for the card without any worries.

How to Apply for the J TRUST Global Card
You can apply for the J TRUST Global Card in three easy steps from your smartphone or computer.


Step 1: Apply for the J TRUST Global Card Online
You can easily apply from this URL (pick the language that suits your needs):
Japanese: https://apply.mydeposit.jtrustcard.co.jp/ja
English: https://apply.mydeposit.jtrustcard.co.jp/en
Chinese: https://apply.mydeposit.jtrustcard.co.jp/ch
Tagalog: https://apply.mydeposit.jtrustcard.co.jp/ta
Portuguese: https://apply.mydeposit.jtrustcard.co.jp/po
Vietnamese: https://apply.mydeposit.jtrustcard.co.jp/vi
Korean: https://apply.mydeposit.jtrustcard.co.jp/ko
Spanish: https://apply.mydeposit.jtrustcard.co.jp/es
Indonesian: https://apply.mydeposit.jtrustcard.co.jp/id


Step 2: Choose Your Deposit Amount, Prepare and Upload Your Documents
Once on the website and registered, first select the amount you want to deposit (50,000 yen, 100,000 yen, 150,000 yen, 200,000 yen, 250,000 yen, or 300,000 yen). After that, you can choose the color of the card you want––black and pink are available currently.
Then, you will upload an image of your residence card, and one of the following: certificate of residence, a health insurance card, or a personal number card (“My Number Card”).

After that, you will fill out some personal information and complete the application. The process is clear and simple for everyone.


Step 3: Receive your J TRUST Global Card
Your card will be delivered to you about two weeks later, on your desired date and time by mail. You will receive a J TRUST Global Card in exchange for your deposit. You can use the J TRUST Global Card as soon as you receive it––no need to wait to make purchases.

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J TRUST Global Card: 99% Approval Rate for Foreigner Residents in Japan

March 27, 2020

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